What is the annual subscription panel ?

The annual subscription panel includes routine testing carried out throughout the year, ie maturity controls, vinification analyzes and above all, cellar monitoring every 8 weeks. See the details in the table below.


What are the advantages of an annual subscription panel ?

My production is organic or natural. I don't need it.

On the contrary! The choice to use or not to use sulphites is specific to each producer.  The production of organic or natural wines/ciders should require closer monitoring because of the risks inherent in reducing the use of sulphites.  In the laboratory, we are now seeing more problems in non-filtered beverages when low amounts of sulphites are used.  For instance, we observe significant increase of volatile acidity to the point that the product can no longer be sold.  Regular monitoring of wines and ciders during ageing prevents unwanted surprises.  A bigger concern of using no or low sulphites is Mouse Taint.  Lactic bacteria such as Oenococcus oeni and Lentilactobacillus hilgardii have been shown to be involved off-flavors such as Mouse Taint which can occurs several months after bottling.  Sulphites are known to have antimicrobial and antioxydant activities.  In low sulphite beverages, exposition to oxygen must be well managed which is also an argument for closer monitoring.

Our operation is too small. We don't have the means.

This is precisely why professional support is important.  You cannot afford to lose your production.  Put all the chances on your side.  Working with professionals will prevent costly errors.  We have offers geared to smaller structures.

To finish...

The OENOSCIENCE Laboratory and the OENOQUEBEC consulting firm are the reference in Quebec in terms of oenological testing and counseling.  We are at your service because your success is our success.  Contact us at 514-564-2050 for a quote adapted to your reality. Although the majority of annual plans start in September in anticipation of the new campaign, they can be started at any time during the year.

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