White and Red Grapes

What are the signs that the grapes are ready for harvest?

  • Colour of the grapes
  • Colour of the stems and seeds (usually brownish)
  • Grapes detach easily from the stem
  • Sweet taste without bitterness
  • Low acidity and higher pH

Monitoring the grape maturity is a great way to help determine the best moment for harvest. The test includes pH, Total Acidity, Density, Brix, and Sugars and results are available in under 24 hrs. A sampling of 100 grapes is sufficient for testing.

Maturity Monitoring: pH, Total Acidity, Density, Brix, Sugars. Required volume: 100 grapes or 100 ml, Turnaround: less than 24 hrs. https://oenoscience.com/en/individual-panels/

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