Why use a certified ISO 17025 laboratory?

The international ISO 17025 standard certification is used to recognize the proficiency of testing laboratories throughout the world. Accreditation to the ISO 1725 international standard certifies that the OENOSCIENCE laboratory operates under a management system which was thouroughly evaluated and approuved by an accreditation body such as the Standard Council of Canada. Certification is granted to laboratories which have successfully showed their technical competence in analytical testing, equipment calibrations, employee proficiency and result accuracy. OENOSCIENCE has therefore, met the stringent requirements of the ISO 17025: 2017 standard. These requirements are recognized internationally.

  • Accreditation is the recognition of the technical competence of our staff.
  • Our laboratory has an internationally recognized quality management system.
  • The OENOSCIENCE laboratory has shown that it subscribes to the principles of continuous improvement.
  • Accredited methods are validated and reliable.
  • The results produced by the OENOSCIENCE laboratory have undergone rigorous quality control through an approved quality assurance process.
  • Our laboratory regularly participates in proficiency testing to assess its performance.
  • Our accreditation scope and our accreditation certificate are listed here in the “Quality” tab.

The OENOSCIENCE laboratory offer several chemical and microbiological tests for all kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Parameters like sugars and % alcohol can be tested individually or as part of a panel for significant cost reduction.  Given the amount of testing required  for monitoring during production, Wine and Cider producers can subscribe to an annual plan that includes routine testing.  This annual plan can also be combined with œnological counseling through our partnership with œnologists from OENOQUEBEC.  Subscription to the annual plan helps control costs, facilitates problem solving and guarantees sound risk management.  Details for the annual plan for wines and ciders can be found here.

Individual oenological tests
Wine and Cider Panels, RACJ and PGI testing
Beers, Kombucha and other beverages
Distilled Spirits and Coolers, RACJ panels