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What are the benefits of petiolar analysis on vines?

Welcome to the wonderful world of agro-œnology! For too long, œnology and viticulture have operated each separately with minimal interactions. No longer. The concept of agro-œnology is to manage the vine early by optimizing its nutrition during summer as to obtain quality grapes for harvest. Petiolar analysis is therefore used

Non-Alcoholic Beverages – Is it worth the risk?

It is a rapidely expanding market that can reach across borders.  It is not surprising that it attracts a lot of interest from producers.  But beware, production of non-alcoholic beverages comes with financial, operational and safety challenges.  To be supported by professionals is a must. 3 things You have to

Analytical Testing during Aging

Analytical testing during aging… Is it important? What is its purpose? Too often in the laboratory, we see problems that could have been easily avoided by a simple monitoring or pre-bottling analysis. In complicated years like this year, where humid temperature during summer months had a significant effect on microbial

Diacetyl… What is it? What is its impact on beer?

Diacetyl has long been seen as a fault in beers and is still considered as such for Lager type beers.  On the other hand, in certain grape varieties such as Chardonnay, diacetyl is an intrinsic characteristic of this type of wine.  What is diacetyl really? Where does it come from? 

Why is it important to perform maturity monitoring?

Harvest and Vinification Series What is to gain in performing maturity monitoring? Harvest will be upon us soon. As a follow up to our article on oenological maturity, we reflect on the importance to carrying out maturity checks at the vineyard or in the laboratory. Maturity monitoring... Why do it?
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Why do you need must analysis on your grapes?

In the last article, we looked at the  importance of maturity monitoring.  We say that oenological maturity, phenolic maturity and technological maturity are not necessarily linked.  If maturity monitoring is important, must analyzes are critical.  In fact must analyzes are the very foundation on which the winemaking strategy will be