You Operate an Agency? We’re Here to Help!

A Private Oenological Laboratory at Your Service

Contrôle de la qualité. Serious about quality

OENOSCIENCE has been in operation for more than 10 years.  We are specialized in testing wines, ciders, beers, mead and distilled spirits.  You operate an Agency? Concerned about the quality of one of your products? We offer an alternative to government labs.  Our analytical service is fast and confidential.  You need a second opinion? We have your back.  Examples of testing we perform:

  • Sulfites
  • Confirmation of your supplier’s analytical certificate
  • Microbiological testing (Brettanomyces, Yeasts and Molds, Bacteria)
  • Organoleptic analysis, cold and heat stability
  • Compliance testing as required by Quebec’s Liquor Board (Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux)
  • Tasting of products through our partners at OENOQUEBEC to identify faults

Organic or Natural Wines

You are unsure if your products qualify for natural or organic wines? We test sulfites and metals such as copper, arsenic and lead.  We can also analyze several parameters such as % alcohol, sugars and acids to validate the analytical certificates of your suppliers.

Organoleptic Faults - Microbiology – Bulk

Wines and ciders may show faults or instabilities during and after shipping.  We, at OENOSCIENCE, can monitor yeasts, molds, bacteria, and Brettanomyces type yeasts.  We can also test for cold and heat stability.  Other tests can be performed to identify volatile phenols and cork taint.  You operate an agency but are a bulk importer?  Manage your risk before bottling by having the lab perform cold and heat stability testing in order to avoid haze post-bottling.

Fill out our Analytical Request Form and send samples to: OENOSCIENCE, 2050 Dandurand suite 308, Montreal, Qc, H2G 1Y9.  Contact us at 514-564-2050 for more information.