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February 17, 2021 News

OENOSCIENCE welcomes Ms Sarah Chaperon as part of the team. The Laboratory is now a member of UNILABO.

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As in March 2020, OENOSCIENCE has been granted the “Essential Services” status. Consequently, the Laboratory will remain open during this second lockdown announced by the Provincial Government. Our business hours are Monday through Thursday from 8h30 AM to 5h30 PM and Friday from 8h30 PM to 3 PM. The OENOSCIENCE team wish to thank you […]

Holiday Schedule

November 25, 2020 News
frozen grapes for ice wine

The Christmas Holiday is coming fast. We would like to inform you of our upcoming Holiday Schedule. The deadline to submit samples for RACJ conformity testing will be Friday December 11 at noon. The deadline for submitting samples for regular testing will be December 18, 2020. The Laboratory will close for the holidays on December […]

Essential Services

March 29, 2020 News
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Montreal, March 29 2020 Re: COVID-19 – Essential Services Dear clients, We would like to inform you that following the evolution of the instructions from the health authorities, we were authorized to resume our regular activities being now considered “priority services”. We will therefore resume the activities of monitoring of wines, ciders, beers, spirits and […]

OEnoscience Laboratory

Montreal, March 24th 2020 Re: COVID-19 – Essential Services Dear clients, We would like to inform you that OEnoscience, RJ OEnology and OEnoQuebec must comply with sanitary services and reduce their commercial activity to a minimum.  All routine testing is therefore on hold until April 13.  We will only perform essential analyses for bottling and […]

Harvest 2019, It’s soon!

September 5, 2019 News

What are the signs that the grapes are ready for harvest? Colour of the grapes Colour of the stems and seeds (usually brownish) Grapes detach easily from the stem Sweet taste without bitterness Low acidity and higher pH Monitoring the grape maturity is a great way to help determine the best moment for harvest. The […]

What is Kombucha? Kombucha is an ancient drink, thought to originate from Mongolia more than a thousand years ago. It is in fact tea to which was added sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY) which leads to fermentation and results in a refreshing, slightly acidic and effervescent beverage. Kombucha often contains […]

No more worries

July 15, 2015 News

With our new annual subscription, routine wine testing is unlimited. For all the details, contact us at 514-564-2050.