Plates used in microbiology

Did you know? OENOSCIENCE does much more than alcohol  and sugar testing.  We’ve been helping wine, cider, beer and kombucha producers through many types of microbiology tests.  Aerobic or anaerobic counts helps verify the efficiency of a sterile filtration or pasteurization.  Plating for wild yeasts in beers will manage the risk of refermentation and over-carbonation in cans or bottles.  Total counts for yeasts/molds, acetic and lactic bacteria will determine if kombuchas meet their specifications and quality standards.  Determination of viable yeasts during a sluggish secondary bottle fermentation will help to see if the fermentation will proceed as expected.  The use of classical microbiology is cheap, accurate and less subject to false positives or negatives.  For more information, see details on  We wish to warmly thank our microbiology specialist Florence for this fun video.